Humanitarian Sector

There is genuine need for specialized information systems in humanitarian/development sector. This need becomes critical in a disaster or emergency situation. Getting information from the field and knowing what is required where and when, are critical pieces of information for any emergency response effort. Enhanced approaches and new solutions are required to address a range of problems challenging humanitarian responders in disaster risk reduction and management. Magma has many years of prior experience of working in the Humanitarian sector and therefore understands the needs of this sector very well. We have a number of web and mobile based solutions for the humanitarian sector. They are listed below with short descriptions.

WebGIS Portal [TAB]

At Magma we understand the need for spatial awareness in the context of humanitarian response and development activities. It allows for better mapping, visibility and sharing of information across humanitarian sector and with potential donors.
The ability of web mapping to quickly publish your data to the web within a fully interactive and dynamic mapping system makes it a powerful promotional and information provision tool. Free Google, Microsoft (Bing) and Open Streets Map (OSM) mapping resources provide a fantastic backdrop for your data. Users can use intuitive ‘tick boxes’ to show and hide different types of information, can zoom, pan, search for nearest places and ‘interrogate’ mapped items to show more information, images and web links.
We offer a range of different features to our clients.

Basic GIS Data Layout Plus Information/Interrogate Tool

This gives our client the ability to combine existing comprehensive mapping services like google and bing with their own data. This data can be in the form of points, lines and/or polygons, with a variety of styles and symbology. Features available are given below;

  • Information Tool  - Allows user to click on a feature and get its attribute information.
  • Measurement Tool – Allows user to measure distance and area on the screen by clicking at multiple locations.
  • Attribute Grid – Shows a list of all the attributes for the each custom layer. The grid comes with filtering functionality.

Membership, Role Management & Data Sharing Between Users

User and role management is a crucial part of any information system. Our user management module allows our clients to control the way in which their information is accessed. Using it, our users can restrict visibility of layers or functionality according to users or roles.

Reporting, Charting & Picture Library Features

This feature allows users to view charts, reports and pictures related to a geographic location, by simply clicking on the location. The charts are interactive and there we can enable users to leave feedback on all of these.

Movement Tracker Feature

The movement tracker feature allows users to track multiple objects simultaneously. This can be very useful for large organizations that have multiple personnel working in the field simultaneously. All their movements can be tracked from a central location.
All you need is a simple excel sheet with the locational information of the units you want to view on the map.
Alternatively we can set up a live locational information feed for the users, which can then be mapped onto a map.

Web Mapping Services [WMS] Integration Feature

This feature allows our clients to integrate various third party web mapping services onto their own WebGIS system. Example, a fire mapping service can be integrated into the system which shows latest fire incidents in the world. Similarly other mapping services can also be added.

Administration Tool

The admin tool feature allows the user to add new layers, set the styles of different layer, provide and restrict access of certain layers to a user or a group of users.


We can provide custom made mobile applications which can be used for data collection with features for adding pictures/videos for a particular location to better explain the situation on ground. The client can capture any form of information using this application, whether its textual, imagery or location information. An additional/optional feature in this application allows the admin user to change the content of the data capture forms, i.e. the user can choose what information is captured at anytime.
Such an application is extremely useful in capturing data in the field. The data can be transferred onto a central server via EDGE or mobile internet. However this is not always an option in remote areas, therefore this application has the option of storing information locally till the user is in an area where EDGE or Wifi is available. Alternatively, the user can connect the mobile device to a computer and upload the data through the computer.
We also have a smart phone application for security purposes, to ensure the safety of personnel on the ground. This application will keep track of the movements of the user on the ground. It works at places where EDGE, Wifi or mobile internet is available as well as those areas where no internet connectivity is possible. This application can also keep track of various pieces of information for the user, for instance

  • Last call, time and phone number

  • Text of the last message sent

  • Battery power

  • Last known location

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