Magma GIS Remote Sensing Services
Magma Technologies provides high quality yet cost effective GIS Services for their clients.

Geospatial Technology is the new must-have tool for businesses and government. GIS and Remote sensing has shifted the paradigm of location analysis and services towards an integrated platform. Together they can generate real efficiencies and cost savings, whether it’s location planning, better targeting or allocation of resources, promoting economic development, improving asset management or improving logistics, planning for disease outbreaks or simply routing heaving vehicles round the city to better manage a metropolitans traffic.

The exploitation of GIS creates a wealth of opportunities for businesses, NGOs and governments alike, to innovate and improve their operations. Every sector can harness the advantages as everything happens at a location. The opportunities are endless.

Magma offers a variety of services in this field.


GIS & Remote Sensing
GIS Data Management
Strategy Development
GIS Training
Surveying and Digitization

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