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Magma is now working on an literature mapping application. This project is being done for ‘Literary Encyclopedia’ to replace their existing mapping application. The idea is to map section of books (literature in general) on a map according to the location that part of the book refers to. Using this logic journeys mentioned in a piece of literature can also be mapped on a map.



Some of the features in this application are listed below;

- Multiple base maps [Google (Street, Physical & Satellite), Bing & OSM].
- Create Pins (geometries) and attribute data to these.
- Information Tool.
- Create Clusters/Journeys and Edit the order of Journeys
- Discovery tool
- Attribute Grid
- Grid to maps filter


Humanitarian Assistance Geographic Information System

Magma has built a state of the art, high customizable web based GIS system for the humanitarian organizations. This system can be implemented on government level as well as at organizational level. The system allows users to map the requirements and activities on a map. It also allows users to visualize the information on the system as charts & grid tables. This application has the ability to connect on ground mobile devices as well.

Some of the features are given below,

- Create your own spatial data.
- Upload, store and share spatial data with multiple users.
- View map related information on grids and in the form of chart.
- Downloads maps as printable PDF documents
- Incorporate any WMS or WFS service into this system
- Information tool, area & distance measuring tool, discovery tool etc
- Multiple base maps [Google (Street, Physical & Satellite), Bing & OSM].



Data Management Service

Magma Systems is providing data management services for our clients. We specialize in GIS as well and Remote Sensing services and we deal in multiple software platforms including ESRI ArcMap, qGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Ilwis, Mapinfo, Smallworld, E-congnition, ER Mapper & Global Mapper, GRASS and databases like PostGres[PostGIS], MS Sql Server 2008 R2 and Oracle Spatial.



Magma provides the following services,

- Spatial Database design & development (indexes, triggers etc)
- Data Geo-referencing & Data Digitization
- Quality Assurance and Cross Checking
- Environmental protection Analysis
- Natural hazards and Risk Assessment
- Terrain analysis
- Change Trend Analysis
- Forestry mapping
- Land use dynamics
- Image classification
- Object based image analysis
- Rule base image algorithms
- Supervise and unsupervised model building
- Orthorectification
- DEM extraction from Stereo pairs of images





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